Koh Samui You Say?

Koh Samui is a beautiful paradise tropical island located in southern Thailand which has everything you need to live a fulfilling and amazing lifestyle all while being able to focus on your training, smash your goals and become the best version of yourself through the power of Muay Thai.

Top Training For All Levels

Fighters/Aspiring Fighters

Beginner To Intermediate

Just For Fitness

Our Ethos...

  • SMT is a safe, friendly environment where people can come to either start or continue their martial arts journey
  • We provide our fighters and aspiring fighters with the skills and training they need to excell in Muay Thai and go further than they ever thought they could
  • We aim to help people change their lives by getting fitter, stronger and adopting a healthier lasting lifestyle and mindset


Paul SMT


“Had the best month in Koh Samui training with Saman and everyone at SMT, the training and atmosphere in the gym is second to none and it definitely took my muay thai to a new level.” 

Georg & Helena


“We were planning a trip to Samui and decided to start muay thai and try get our fitness up, after two months we can honestly say that we are so glad we decided to do it as we love muay thai way more than we thought we would, thank you Saman and everyone else at the gym” 

K. W


“Saman is my favourite coach ever. He’s so friendly and fun to train with but when my fight was around the corner he pushed me to my limit and made sure I was %100 ready which I must of been because I got the win. Would highly reccomend SMT to anyone who wants to fight or just get fit in a friendly atmosphere with good people” 

S. R


“They say you can’t teach a old dog new tricks, that way of thinking will hold you back which is why I decided to start muay thai at SMT and haven’t looked back since, Muay Thai has give me a more positive outlook on life and a new found love for martial arts.” 

Private Lessons & Packages

Every Day Classes

300 THB

Pay per session for single class or:

1 week – 2,200 THB

2 weeks – 4,200 THB

3 weeks – 5,700 THB

1 month – 7,000 THB

2 months – 12,500 THB

3 months – 19,500 THB

Private Lesson

800 THB

Private lesson where you get a coach to yourself for 1 hour

private Group class

2,000 THB

Private lesson for up to 2 – 5 people for 1 hour


We want your stay to be as easy (apart from the training of course) and as enjoyable as possible so we have selected a range of accommodation, all situated closely around the SMT gym, the beach, shops, restaurants and so on… making sure you have everything you need close by so you can focus on your training and goals.

Reasons To Start Muay Thai

Learn Self Defense

Learn the art of Muay Thai from masters of the sport. As well as fitness and discipline, Muay Thai is also one of the most effective martial arts for real life self defense because of the use of eight limbs and utilization of the clinch.

Lose Weight & Get Fit

Muay Thai training alone is a fantastic way to lose weight and get fit but it’s also the running and strength & conditioning workouts involved that shred those extra pounds and build more muscle for a well rounded physique.

Meet Good People

SMT gym is no place for ego or negativity. You will meet only decent, down to earth people who are there to help and push eachother to be better every day and build genuine camaraderie through training and after training activities.

Mental & Physical Strength

Muay Thai training presents many challenges both mentally and physically so by enduring them and overcoming them your mind and body can only become stronger. 


No you dont, anyone who wants to learn Muay Thai or get fit can train at SMT, we train pro fighters, complete beginners and any level in between.

All bookings can be payed for online via bank transfer or PayPal, we charge 50% of the price of your package upon booking completion.

Private lessons can be booked for any day except for sundays, you are best off trying to book 1 day in advance to guarantee that you can get the time you want.

That is absolutely fine, you dont have to be a fighter to train with us we have many trainees who do Muay Thai just for fitness

No just contact us and let us know how long you want to train with us for and we will give you a custom price.

If we can see that you are techniclly good enough and are ready to fight then absolutely, we can get you matched up and put you through a fight camp.

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