About Saman

In his fighting days Saman was an elite muay thai fighter at the top of the food chain. He fought at the highest level you can in the stadiums of Bangkok – Lumpinee Stadium and Rajadamnern Stadium. These are not just Thailands but the arguably worlds largest and most reveared muay thai stadiums where only the best of the best compete.

Saman has a fighting record of over 120 professional fights with 95 wins, over 50 percent of which were by knockout. He is very proud of the fact that he has never been knocked out once in his career and brags that this is why his fighters never get knocked out because he ‘has the secret formula’. Saman is always smiling and laughing and has a true passion for teaching muay thai and passing on his wealth of knowledge. He is highly regarded and respected in the muay thai community as a coach and a former fighter.

Samans Last Fight

Saman is now happily retired with nothing but fond memories of his illustrious muay thai career. This was his last fight in Petchbuncha Stadium (biggest stadium in southern thailand). In the twilight of his career and facing a young, strong and prime hungry fighter Saman still looked phenominal and secured a round two KO victory. 

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It Runs In The Family

Saman’s two sons Jay and Nighe follow in his footsteps, they have been hitting muay thai pads since the day they could walk and have both fought from a very young age and still fight to this day.

 After more than a decade of competing in the sport and a combined pro muay thai record of over 60 fights its safe to say they, just like their father are extremely competent fighters and coaches. They both have their own unique methods of coaching which is a great way to gain knowledge and experience of different styles and techniques. 

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