SMT Muay thai camp

Our Story

We are a family run muay thai gym which is dedicated to turning fighters into champions. Our gym has been thriving in Koh Samui for over a decade so we recently decided to start offering long stay packages (a muay thai camp) where we offer a range of accommodation on the camps doorstep so our more dedicated students can stay for a long time and focus more on their training.   

Our Ethos...

  • To create a safe, friendly environment where people can come to either start or continue their martial arts journey
  • To provide our fighters and aspiring fighters with the skills and training they need to excell in Muay Thai and go further than they ever thought they could
  • Help people change their lives through the power of muay thai by getting fitter, becoming more productive and adopting a healthier lasting lifestyle and mindset

What Are Your Muay Thai Goals?

Grow In Muay Thai

Improve your muay thai skills and techniques and train for your first fight (or just to get better)

Fight In Thailands Stadiums

Your a fighter/aspiring fighter and want top level training to compete in Thailands stadiums

Learn Self Defense

Even if you don’t want to compete, Muay Thai is still one of the best self defense martial arts.

To Gain Mental & Physical Strength

Muay Thai training challenges you in ways that will improve you both mentally and physically

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