Muay Thai For Fitness

You don’t have to want to be a fighter to do Muay Thai, in fact more people worldwide probably do it for fitness than they do to be fighters as it is becoming increasingly popular within the fitness community. An average Muay Thai session will burn around 800-1000 calories which is the equivalent of running for more than an hour (about 6.5-8 miles) and I think everyone who has done Muay Thai would agree that they’d rather do a 1 hour session than run for 1 hour.

Rounds on the pads and bags is a great workout in its self, but it’s also the body weight exercises involved such as sit ups, press ups, burpees an so on that shed those extra pounds while building more muscle for a well rounded physique.  

What An Average Session Is Like

A typical session will start with a few minutes of stretching then on to 5-10 minutes of either skipping or jogging around the gym, after that it’s time to wrap your hands and do some shadow boxing for 5 minutes, then the rest of the session will consist of drills with a partner (learning technique), rounds on the heavy bag and/or pads with bodyweight exercises inbetween rounds and if you feel up to it some light technical sparring.

Obviously each class is different but your guaranteed to get a good workout in every time. You can do private 1 to 1 lessons where it’s just you and a coach if you don’t want to jump straight into a classs. To book a class or a private click the button below.